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09-13-03 - 12:05 a.m.

There is part of me that doesn't update because it doesn't want to waste good material here, the same part that keeps me from writing elsewhere because it doesn't want to waste good material there. If I write good ideas poorly because I'm not ready, not talented enough yet, by the time I get good enough I'll be sick of those ideas and writing them will be too dull to excite organic passion in the process. What if I don't have any good ideas left by the time I'm ready to write them, and can't think of any more?

So I'll practice with mediocre ideas. Or ideas that occur when I'm in the mood to write that I don't turn over in my head enough to develop into fantastic ideas. And as a result my writing muscles will be finely sculpted indeed.

I'll avoid meeting people, as I might not know what to say to them. I think I'll just stay in my house, because what would I do outside? Why should I get out of bed? The sheets are warm.

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Fiction: Ye Most Lamentable Comedy of Dr. John Doe Faustus

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