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The End - 07-11-04
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The End

07-11-04 - 8:49 a.m.

It seems I neglected to mention here what I thought I'd written months ago.

It's probably come to your attention and long since been forgotten that I have considerable difficulty writing anything at all here. I don't know exactly how I became so blocked at this particular site, but it happened. Perhaps I've subconsciously rejected everything I put any energy into during those two horrific years spent 1 in that office and living with that roommate and then 2 in grad school under the influence of psychosis-inducing medication. At any rate, this is no longer where I write.

I've been writing happily for some time over here instead. Though it would be tasteless of me to use d-land bandwidth to advertise the numerous and sundry advantages of my new stomping grounds, I would like my handful of readers here to continue reading me there, so check it out! Bookmark it! Get your own!

Barring apocalypse, this will be my last entry here. But never fret, because I write constantly at the other place. If you sign my guestbook or leave a note here, it's not likely I'll see it, but you can comment directly on any of my new entries at my new home that I choose to make public, or if you get an account there, I can add you to my friends list and you'll be able to see any entries I make visible to you personally.

See you on the other side,


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