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The Parable of the Donuts

09-17-03 - 3:12 a.m.

On a long glass table in the darkened mess hall of an ancient Welsh castle rested piles of unopened boxes of donuts, which sat still and, except on an atomic level, did absolutely nothing, just as several varieties of rocks would have in their position which, for purely historical reasons, was given to donuts and not rocks. This made the rocks jealous, for although their character was also primarily sessile, their dissimilar mineral composition made them less desirable as a confectionary treat. Consequent additions to their lifespans resulting from inedibility notwithstanding, the rocks were subject to every manner of nasty meteorological torment, especially those put to such tasks as being part of ancient Welsh castles. And so, after centuries of agony, the rocks collapsed, destroying themselves and the precious donuts, forever.

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Fiction: Ye Most Lamentable Comedy of Dr. John Doe Faustus

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